the birthday girl anymore

February 7, 2012

so rub it in my face, why don’t you?

You think it’s okay not to wish me ‘Happy Birthday’, or give me presents, or touch base and say something funny, sweet, and/or touching just because it’s February 7th instead of February 6th?

Just because I actually wasn’t ‘born’ today you think it’s okay to get away with that kind of pathetic, half- assed, pathetic behavior?

You thought wrong.

Oh I admit it. Facebook was crazy yesterday. Crazy with well wishers, and good greetings and salutations. Everyone wanted a piece of me. A piece of the ‘birthday girl’ Everyone was hopping up on that ‘ol birthday wagon, getting their two cute and adorable and caring greetings in. Everyone was all ‘liking’ my birthday pics and everything. Thumbs up, oh yeah.

Twenty-four(24) measly, fleeting, brief and ephemeral hours. That’s how long it lasted

The fact is if  you were the so called ‘friends’, ‘loved ones’ and, ‘family’ you claim to be (DNA or not), you’d be wishing me Happy Birthday EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR.

But oooooh noooooo. It was all love and kindness and incredible gifts and drinks and more drinks and hugs and kisses and ‘I’ll take you to lunch’ ‘let me buy you dinner’ and ‘that’s on me’ and smily faces and awesome, thoughtful messages and even cards in the mail and  then….what?! What?  Silence. Not a single MENTION of my birthday. It’s like

‘Oh, wasn’t that yesterday?’

And to think you kiss your mother with that mouth.

Aren’t you happy that I’m alive?
Then act like it.

Go on, I dare you.

I dare you to dream.
I dare you to be different.
I dare not to be a sheep for one day of your boring-pedantic-cookie cutter-follow-the-rules-everyman-conventional life.
I dare you to take the time and trouble and wish me a ‘Happy Birthday’ tomorrow, when it ISN’T my birthday.

Go ahead and make my non-birthday day!


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